School Choice

Assessing a school takes time. We need to see beyond surface appearances to realities, beyond immediate impressions to future possibilities, beyond assumptions to truths.

A checklist can support parents in thinking holistically about their child's education as well as assist all school community members to consider the many school and community factors that serve to make up a good school. It can also help to look beyond a one-point-in-time snapshot of a school to a school in the making.

Ten Key Issues

Bringing together an extraordinarily wide range of views about a good school (and notwithstanding the fundamental issue of adequate resources and support for schools to work on the many things that they would like to do), the ten issues are:

1. Leadership

2. Shared decision making

3. Management, values and behaviour

4. Teaching and learning

5. Curriculum

6. Technology

7. Communication and dialogue

8. Diversity, partnerships and community

9. Performance and value-adding

10. Resources and facilities