School Choice - Ten Key Issues:

1 - Leadership

Is there a strong sense of really focusing on the future? A clear vision and direction which the school needs to move toward?

Do the school's leaders convey a strong sense of new beginnings in education? Do they openly and objectively discuss not only the school's achievements but also the challenges in developing a truly 21st century education for all students?

Is there broad agreement that leadership is dispersed within schools, not just confined to formal leadership positions? How are teachers involved in system leadership?

Are parents encouraged and supported to play leadership roles in the school? For example, in helping to develop school policies or contributing to school council sub-committees?

As a very good test of a school's leadership level, are just some students (i.e. an old, unrepresentative, prefect model of leadership) or are many students of all backgrounds routinely involved in some form of substantive leadership? For example:

* Within the classroom as learning technology or team leaders
* As peer tutors, mentors, supporters and mediators
* As sustainability, biodiversity or community garden leaders
* As school and community workers and problem-solvers (e.g. student action teams involve groups of students who identify and work on issues of school and community interest, undertake real research and develop practical solutions)
* As members of the SRC/JSC and school policy making teams
* As editors and contributors to student publications and wikis
* As sports, fitness or performing arts coaches and leaders.
Are these diverse student leadership roles formally recognised?