School Choice - Ten Key Issues:

10 - Resources and Facilities

These issues are obviously not just matters for any one school but may reflect, of course, broader inequities in school funding.

Are there adequate resources and support for the efforts of staff (in partnership with families and the community) to improve the opportunities and outcomes of students?

Are key school improvement initiatives fully funded and appropriately supported and not simply reliant on the goodwill of teachers and staff to bring about their successful implementation?

Are the buildings modern and well-maintained? Are the grounds neat and safe? Are the toilets modern and well cared for?

Does the school have clear, friendly directional signs?

Is there a good mix of large and small spaces for learning? Are there facilities for music, sport, technology, art and science?

Does the school feel warm and inviting? Are there displays of student work and obvious signs of student participation?


Ref: VICCSO (Victorian Council of School Organisation)