School Choice - Ten Key Issues:

2 - Shared Decision Making

How are the principal and leadership team, teachers, parents and students involved in shared decision-making?

Do parents and students indicate that they are treated as valued partners on the school council and its sub-committees?

Does the school's governing body (school council or board) have a high profile? How does it add value to the school and students?

Does the school's newsletter and website promote the work of the council and provide access to council members as well as to policies, financial reports and minutes? (For an example of this good governance practice, see the Fitzroy High School website).

Does the school council reflect the school's demographics?

Does the school have a written policy and strategy for building real family participation in the life of the school? How is the impact of this strategy monitored?

Does the school provide training for families to participate in the school council?

Is there a high level of transparency and accountability to the school community (that goes beyond an annual report)?

Does the school have a clear and coherent plan for the future that includes shared school-family-community goals?

Does the plan reflect staff and community thinking and input as well as the education department's priorities?

Does the school publicly display its shared vision and goals in understandable, explicit terms to its community in a variety of ways (e.g. on its website and posters on classroom walls)?