School Choice - Ten Key Issues:

3 - Management, Values and Behaviour

Is the school well-managed? Are school events well-organised?

Do key school leaders have good people management skills?

Is there genuine warmth between students and teachers? Is the school a safe, respectful place?

Does the school greet visitors in a friendly and helpful way? Is the reception area comfortable?

Are office staff able to handle inquiries efficiently?

Is there a good-sized, up-to-date noticeboard in a prominent position with relevant information (including school councillors and their photos, staff and their photos, latest news, etc.)?

Are there hard copies of the latest newsletter readily available?

Is there a well-publicised policy about values, behaviour and relationships? Does it apply to all school community members? How is the success of the policy monitored - and by whom?

Are conflicts and complaints managed well? Is a proper process for handling any concerns or complaints made clear in a leaflet?