School Choice - Ten Key Issues:

4 - Teaching and Learning

Do school documents and the school's leaders convey a strong sense of continuous improvement and innovation in teaching and learning? Is this communicated well to parents and students?

Do school leaders draw attention to their use of the best available educational research?

Are there positive, strongly collaborative relationships between teachers and students?

Are teachers given the time and resources to plan and work together to develop the most effective teaching and learning?

Do articles in the school's newsletter and on its website discuss what students are doing in class and include tips on helping with learning at home?

Do newsletter and website articles use school data to discuss key issues and describe how the school is working to make improvements?

Do families and teachers have opportunities to learn together as to how to best collaborate to improve student achievement?

How does the school assist all students to have powerful learning experiences such as an optimum mix of both academic and applied/practical learning in classroom and community settings?

Does the school have a shared policy framework and strategy for powerful or high quality learning developed from the outset by staff and all school community stakeholders?

Does the school really cater for a student's individual interests, differences and needs?

What are the steps toward really 'personalised learning' that does not shoehorn students into pigeon-holes (such as 'academic' and 'applied' learning, 'high' and 'low' achievement, etc.)?

Is the school promoting new kinds of learning and life pathways that challenge social class and other constraints on students' educational options, learning outcomes and life chances?