School Choice - Ten Key Issues:

6 - Technology

What is the level of school and classroom use of information and communication technology?

Does the school have a technology policy and plan (created, ideally, by a team involving teachers, parents and students)?

Based on the work of schools, such a policy and plan (embracing the ideas of the whole school community) may include:

* Our shared vision, goal and objectives for information and communication technology (ICT)
* Learning, curriculum and ICT links
* Family and community partnerships
* Home-school communication
* On-line protocols and turn-around times
* Professional learning for all stakeholders
* Students' roles as technology leaders at school and at home.

How well are technologies (e.g. students co-creating wikis) used to build the home-school educational partnership?

Are e-mail and other technologies used to facilitate fast, effective communication between teachers and families to:

* Let parents know immediately when students are absent?
* Offer practical tips on learning?
* Provide other information?

Are teachers and other staff provided with adequate time for supporting this?