School Choice - Ten Key Issues:

7 - Communication and Dialogue

What are the specific kinds of content-rich, two-way communication between the school and families?

What is the school's policy for teacher and family communication?

Is there a practical plan to improve school communication over time?

Does the school have an answering machine on which to leave messages after hours?

Does the school's website enable students, parents and staff to access lesson plans, reports on student progress and homework?

Are parents informed at the beginning of each year about what will be covered in subjects and the expectations about student attendance, homework and participation?

Does the school use homework diaries that are seen and signed by parents and teachers?

What is the policy for telephone contact with individual teachers so that contact can be handled efficiently and effectively? To ensure that teachers are not overloaded, how is this handled?

Does the school promote information in its newsletter or on its website about what volunteer help is needed?

When was the last time the school held a forum in which teachers, parents and students were involved in developing school values or a strategic plan or exploring key questions such as:

* In examining the future of learning, what fundamental problems are we trying to solve?
* What can be done to further build the school-family-community partnership?
* What does learning of the future and what does schooling of the future look and sound like?