Welcome to PGR

PGR is a not-for-profit community group which advocates for a strong public education system and promotion of the arts within public schools.

We believe that the public system not only provides an excellent education for our children, but is also vital for an equitable democracy and a socially cohesive society.

At public schools children mix with other children from a whole range of religious, ethnic and socio-economic groups. They learn to understand and value children from different backgrounds and of different abilities and so learn the basics of citizenry.

Studies consistently show that children educated at public schools perform better academically and are less likely to drop out of university than students from private schools. A public education prepares a child for the real world and promotes their life chances.

In addition the public system is the most economically efficient education system for the nation. And funding it adequately is essential for the future productivity of Australia's workforce.

John Ralston Saul - "the wilful undermining of universal public education by our governments and the direct or indirect encouragement of private education is the most flagrant betrayal of the basic principles of ... representative democracy."