Articles By Known Authors


  1. Blackmore Jill, Dr - Can we create a form of public education that delivers high standards for all students in the emerging knowledge society?
  2. Blackmore Jill, Dr - Choice and Voice: parents perspectives on public education
  3. Bonnor Chris - Education is no place for a free market
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  14. Caro Jane - Who is starving public education?
  15. Caro Jane - Who killed public education?
  16. Caro Jane - Why the Gonski funding model is right for education
  17. Caro Jane & Bonnor Chris - 'The Stupid Country: How Australia is Dismantling Public Education' Published by NewSouth Books, 2007
  18. Connors Lyndsay - Public funding of private schools
  19. Davidson Kenneth - Good schools become a private benefit
  20. Davidson Kenneth - Liberal education: only the rich need apply
  21. Deveney Catherine - If you want private education for your kids, pay for it yourself
  22. Guy Roslyn - Schools need parents to play their part
  23. Hannan Bill - The Best of Times
  24. Hannan Bill - What Can Money Do?
  25. Hannan Bill- The war that doesn't end
  26. Huntley Rebecca & Firth Verity - Who's Afraid of A Public School
  27. Jaivin Linda - Excerpt from 'The Getting of Wisdom’
  28. Kirby Michael - In Praise Of Excellence In Public Education
  29. Lockett Kath - No need to go the distance for a good school
  30. Malony Shane - An invitation to scotch college
  31. Marginson Simon - The bucks stop where? Crisis in school funding
  32. Martin Roy - Where Should Commonwealth School Funding be Going?
  33. McCalman Janet, Dr - Private education is bad for the economy
  34. McCalman Janet, Dr - We should all pay for a good education
  35. Reece Nicholas - A school lesson on equity
  36. Reid Alan, Assoc. Prof. - Public Education and the Remutualisation of Australian Society
  37. Reid Alan, Assoc. Prof. - The Redefinition of Australian Democracy
  38. Rundle Guy - When Christian schools bear false witness
  39. Sherry Cathy - Great Myths of Schooling
  40. Teese Richard & Polesel John - Undemocratic Schooling
  41. Teese Richard, Prof. - Suffer The Children Left Behind
  42. Townsend Tony - Parents (and the community) are no longer important... They are critical to school survival
  43. Townsend Tony - Education and Public Debate
  44. Townsend Tony - Education for a productive future
  45. Townsend Tony - Towards a global curriculum
  46. Zyngier David - A fairer Australia? Gonksi and Labor's class war
  47. Zyngier David - All that Glisters may not be gold at private schools
  48. Zyngier David - Class size does matter-at least for disadvantaged students
  49. Zyngier David - Class size, Gonksi and schools funding: what are the facts?
  50. Zyngier David - Gonksi review: another wasted opportunity
  51. Zyngier David - Victorian election: on education the parties’ priorities are muddled