Sian Prior

Sian Prior

Bio: Sian Prior is an arts broadcaster, writer and journalist.

We love to think of Australia as 'the land of the fair go'. To me, a fair go means trying to ensure that everyone in this country has the same access to resources, to cultural capital, to information and to education.

The public school system can't eradicate every odious inequality in our community. By providing all comers with a well-resourced and well-rounded education, though, it CAN help to foster a community which benefits from, and values, equality of opportunity.

We must nurture and protect this vital public institution. Without it, the gap between the haves and the have-nots will widen, and instead of the land of the fair go, we will become the land of the privileged few.

... with thanks to Beaumaris North Primary School,

  • Albert Park High School,
  • Kingsdale Comprehensive School (London)
  • and MacRobertson Girl's High School.