Dr David Zyngier

Dr David Zyngier

Bio: Senior Lecturer in Faculty of Education, Monash University.

A former teacher in public schools and the parent of children in public schools, but also a former Principal of King David School.

Letter to "THE AGE" - Other side of the coin

Private schools may race to impress (''Private schools in race to build best facilities'', THE AGE 20/4) but it comes at the expense of public education as taxpayers' dollars continue to subsidise this obscene splurge. Since 2001 federal funding for Geelong College increased by 389 per cent, Geelong Grammar (315 per cent), and Haileybury College (359 per cent)

These elite schools, as well as Carey Grammar, Geelong College, and Methodist Ladies College, received more than $5 million per annum. Haileybury got a massive $13.4 million and Wesley College $8 million. Geelong Grammar, the most expensive school in Australia, got nearly $5 million. All elite independent schools have double or more the resources of the average Victorian government school. The wealthiest schools and families in Australia are now being subsidised to the tune of $3000 - $5000 per secondary student. There can be no justification for providing millions in government funding to schools that are the preserve of the wealthy. It means less funding is available for schools serving low-income families, indigenous students and students with disabilities.

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